Bought My Fabric!

I’m back to working and I think the kids this school year are going to be better than last year. This means no stress and being able to focus on my sewing project. 🙂

With being back at work again that means getting paid! So today I went out with my mom to get our fabric. We’ll be sewing together since she has more experience and can help me out.

There were a lot of fabric to choose from in many beautiful colors. But I’ve decided on this.


The camera on my phone didn’t really capture the color well. It’s darker and more like a plum color. I absolutely love it! 🙂 Now I just need to get some matching thread and zipper then I’d be all ready to sew! I’m so happy to be able to move along with my dress. 🙂

Happy sewing!

 – Victoria


Sewing on Hold

Sigh. Just when I thought I was gonna get my sew on the road I’ve run into some money troubles. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the fabric like I had wanted. Total bummer. ;.; I’m hoping though to get some fabric with my mom either this weekend or next weekend. I seriously can’t wait until I start working again and have a regular income! Haha

Anyways, this was just a little update since I didn’t want it to look like I abandoned this blog already. Haha

Happy sewing!

– Victoria